Private Drug Detox

Medically Monitored – Private Drug Detox

No matter how long you’ve been using drugs, continued use puts you at more risk for legal and social consequences. You could be arrested and go to jail. You could lose your job or educational opportunities.

Many times, continuing with the cycle of addiction means becoming isolated from friends and family and ultimately seeing those people leave your life completely. Drug addiction and use can even lead to death – as many as 90,000 people in the United States die because of alcohol or drug abuse each year.

You Have A Better Choice: How Private Drug Detox Can Help

Private Drug Detox describes a range of professional options for getting drugs out of your system in a safe, healthy way that is more comfortable than going “cold turkey.” Many drugs build up in your body and even create chemical changes in your brain and nervous system. When you stop using those drugs without assistance from professionals, your body initiates a survival response because it’s come to believe those drugs are required for functionality.

In a medically supervised drug detox program, doctors and nurses might prescribe short-term medications to help alleviate your body’s response, creating a much more comfortable detox. They also work with you to treat other withdrawal symptoms and monitor your progress to ensure detox doesn’t cause unwarranted side effects.

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More Than Medical Detox

Medically assisted detox is a powerful tool in the battle against addiction, but simply treating the symptoms isn’t enough to help you successfully create a life free of drugs. At Private Drug Rehab, we know that getting drugs out of your body is only the first step in recovery, and we’re prepared to provide a personalized plan for the rest of your journey.

Successful private drug detox is almost always coupled with behavioral therapy that:

• Helps you discover the causes for your addiction
• Teaches you to identify triggers that might lead to drug use in the future
• Supports you in developing healthy coping mechanisms so you can respond to triggers without drugs or alcohol
• Educates you on relapse prevention through 12-Step and similar programs
• Provides family therapy and support
• Helps you build confidence through recreational, social and educational activities to bolster your success after treatment

All of our services, from medical detox to counseling sessions, are provided by experienced, licensed staff. Our comprehensive, caring approach to addiction and recovery sets us apart and helps us ensure your stay is comfortable and effective.

Don’t keep putting yourself or others in danger because of your drug use.

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